Shiftkey People and Triform merge

Movsai, a distinguished leader in the business and technology services sector, is excited to announce the strategic merger of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shiftkey People AB, into Triform AB, another esteemed entity under the Movsai umbrella. This move is part of Movsai’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations, enhance service offerings, and deliver unparalleled value to its […]

The Role of Context and Intention in AI Capabilities

When I began exploring AI, my focus was primarily on its capabilities. I swiftly employed it for both essential and trivial purposes. This experience greatly shaped my understanding of AI. The significance of using AI optimally cannot be overstated. Some term this mastery as “prompting”, but this definition feels reductive. To say someone skilled in […]

Unyielding authenticity might be the way forward through the noise

I had a quick exchange with a friend on LinkedIn yesterday, where we bounced around the implications of AI’s influence on online content and its impact on our ability to reach people on a grand scale within this realm. Today, I came across an article by Jacob Mjöbring about breaking through the noise. He suggests […]

Unsymbolized Thinking, AI, Meditation and Hallucinations

Do you ever have thoughts without words or images? I often find myself contemplating without the need for symbols, a process that feels incredibly efficient and natural. Recently, I’ve discovered parallels between this phenomenon and the way artificial intelligence (AI) processes information. A close friend once described how they process thoughts through words, narrating every […]

The next frontrunners: Salesforce and AMD

Let’s set the record straight first, I’m not a financial advisor. Rather, I’m an obsessed AI-enthusiast, putting all of my cognitive focus on what is happening right now. In this post, I aim to share some of my observations on AI’s rapid evolution and its potential market implications. We are in the throes of an […]

Introducing Nest: Your AI-Assisted Guide into Parenthood

Pre-register for Nest at Google Play here! Hello, everyone! Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our latest creation to you: Nest – The AI Parenting Companion. Nest is more than an app—it’s a platform, a tool, a support system, and a partner in your enthralling journey into parenthood. Hyper-Personalization: Your Unique Guide into Parenthood What […]

Max Tegmark, berätta hur du räknar till 50?

Blev otroligt glad över det senaste öppna brevet. Så glad att jag glatt skrev under. Äntligen är det ett brev som låter vettigt och rimligt, vi behöver få upp AI på den globala agendan och säkerställa att vi har väl valda värden som AI står för. Det här är en diskussion som är viktig för […]

Navigating the Neural Labyrinth: AI Introspection and Alignment

Have you ever found yourself at the mercy of an idea, so profoundly engrossing that it consumed your thoughts, even on a supposed break? That’s me, with artificial intelligence (AI) – an obsession so potent that it doesn’t even spare my vacation in picturesque Japan. On a recent trip, I swapped my computer for a […]

Podcast with Movsai Founder Iggy

Listen to movsai’s founder Iggy Gullstrand talk about AI, how to engage and how AI will impact the society as we know it in the podcast “Dekonstruktiv Kritik” hosted by Aron Flam. (In Swedish)

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