August 15, 2023

I had a quick exchange with a friend on LinkedIn yesterday, where we bounced around the implications of AI’s influence on online content and its impact on our ability to reach people on a grand scale within this realm. Today, I came across an article by Jacob Mjöbring about breaking through the noise. He suggests that a blend of creativity and authenticity is our ticket to visibility. While I somewhat concur, I’d argue that authenticity might be the sole key to staying relevant in the future cacophony. Although it’s personally more fulfilling if there’s a touch of creative brilliance, the trajectory of media consumption hints that my preference may be more self-indulgent than a forecast of what’s to come.
In the rapidly encroaching shadow of artificial intelligence, we find ourselves at a thought-provoking crossroads. With the right parameters, AI’s creative prowess reaches levels we once believed were exclusive to the superior realm of human capability. Algorithms seem to be evolving into impeccable representatives for conformity, political correctness, and rigor. They offer a flawless accuracy that only a machine can achieve. In this vein, I surmise they’ll soon dominate all media sectors, making the swiftest headway in the equivalent of universally acclaimed pop — the universally appreciated, the general, the easily comprehended.
However, there’s a silver lining: it will be many years before AI truly taps into the world the way we do with our full gamut of emotions, bodies, and senses. Our unique edge, at least for the foreseeable future, lies in our firsthand engagement with physical reality. It’s us who feel the world’s nuances, its wealth and diversity, through emotions we experience and interactions we partake in. We are not mere observers but active participants, always prepared to experiment, explore, and redefine our surroundings. While AI can synthesize and replicate based on fed data, we are the ones feeding this network, this digital realm, with fresh discoveries, insights, and experiences. We remain the primary source of the ever-flowing content and will continue to be for a long time. While AI may master the domain of perfection, our strength lies in the unpredictable, genuine exploration, and profound human experience.

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