July 12, 2023

Hello, everyone!
Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our latest creation to you: Nest – The AI Parenting Companion. Nest is more than an app—it’s a platform, a tool, a support system, and a partner in your enthralling journey into parenthood.
Hyper-Personalization: Your Unique Guide into Parenthood
What sets Nest apart is its groundbreaking approach towards hyper-personalization. We firmly believe that every parent’s journey is distinct and thus deserves a unique guide, tailored just for them. With Nest, expect no pre-generated content, no one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, Nest learns from your inputs and generates content and interactions on the fly, making it dynamic and truly personal.
The Power of Integration: OpenAI and Pinecone
The key to Nest’s remarkable customization lies in our integration with OpenAI and Pinecone. At Movsai, we’re committed to creating efficient information flows and carving out the prompts to ensure that your AI usage is effective and satisfying as possible.
Our Global Team and Commitment
Our diverse team, spread over eight different countries, spent months crafting this functional, user-centric app. The result? An app that is truly global and yet personal, meeting real-world needs while accommodating the varied cultural nuances of parenting.
The Genesis of Nest
Nest was conceived from my own journey of understanding an avoidant attachment style. After years of therapy, and intense exploration of my emotions and relationships, I realized that early intervention could potentially alter the course for future generations.
Addressing Attachment Issues
With 40% of society grappling with some form of attachment issues, we believe that Nest can serve as a critical tool. By empowering parents to better understand and connect with their children’s emotions, we can foster healthier emotional development.
Introducing Ada: Your AI Companion
At the heart of Nest, you’ll find Ada, your AI assistant. Ada learns from your interactions and provides constructive feedback, data interpretations, and insights in an understandable way. Nest allows you to invite your co-parent or other caregivers to join the app, ensuring everyone involved in caring for your child is on the same page.
Tracking Growth, Documenting Milestones, and More
From tracking your baby’s growth, documenting milestones, to offering AI-assisted naming assistance, Nest is a comprehensive platform designed to support and enlighten your parenthood journey.
We’re incredibly proud to offer Nest to you. Join us in embracing this revolution in parenthood. Download Nest today!
Together, let’s transform the journey of parenting into a cherished narrative, creating healthier, happier futures for our children, one interaction at a time.
Let’s nestle in with Nest!

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