July 15, 2023

Let's set the record straight first, I'm not a financial advisor. Rather, I'm an obsessed AI-enthusiast, putting all of my cognitive focus on what is happening right now. In this post, I aim to share some of my observations on AI's rapid evolution and its potential market implications.

We are in the throes of an AI revolution. The speed of technological change is like a high-octane, no-respawn multiplayer game, where each move determines the subsequent course of action. As a tech enthusiast who grew up with an appreciation for gaming, my interest in AI has roots in two main areas.

First, my fascination with automation, which dates back to 22 years ago when I began automating simple gaming functions like mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. Fast forward to the present, we are now automating cognitive tasks. The parallels to my early gaming days are uncanny, with two key players often in the spotlight: Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon.

Secondly, my exploration of Bitcoin, which began in 2010. I was enthralled by the elegance of the Bitcoin code and the innovative concept behind its whitepaper. This interest led me to share the knowledge with others, fostering a wider understanding of the technology.

Bitcoin mining underwent a transformation when we managed to fully utilize GPUs instead of CPUs, similar to experiencing a significant game graphics upgrade. As before, GeForce and Radeon emerged as the front-runners. Tech expert George Hotz recently highlighted the importance of software in setting these companies apart. I anticipate the gap closing soon, and given AMD's current market value, a potential surge in its value in the next few years wouldn't surprise me. After all, software development, powered by intellect, is far more cost-effective than creating advanced hardware.

Then there's Salesforce, a leader in the domain of customer interaction. My current projects revolve around the concept of hyper-personalization, dynamically crafting content based on user interaction and relevant data sources. As we push the boundaries of the new, I believe most companies can extract value from optimizing their current solutions rather than reinventing them. It's akin to an established game franchise releasing a well-executed sequel instead of starting from scratch.

The incoming wave of AI transformation will likely be a significant turning point for businesses looking to adapt. The most accessible opportunity for companies wanting to harness AI is in automating customer interaction. As we transition from personalized to AI-driven services, Salesforce stands poised to benefit.

Salesforce's strides with Einstein AI are commendable, although I would have appreciated a more daring approach or rebranding for maximum impact. However, their current trajectory hints at their evolution from being a tool for salespeople and customer service to becoming the salespeople and customer service itself. Given the global contact center market is valued at $339.40 billion, Salesforce has a golden opportunity to capture a sizeable share if they continue their effective execution.

In summary, the AI revolution is here, and it's reshaping our world. As an observer, participant, and developer, I see familiar patterns, similar to those in the evolving landscapes of gaming and cryptocurrency. If I weren't currently invested in my own projects, AMD and Salesforce seem like solid bets. The future of AI is intriguing, and for those ready to adapt, it holds immense promise.

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